3rd and Final Pres Debate

Bush won hands down. He was on the offensive throughout the debate, made John Kerry scowl like he did at the first debate. John Kerry's comment about Cheneys daughter being a lesbian was wrong and appalling. Kerry's campaign manager said she was a "strategy" for the Dems. Wow, when Edwards said it out of the blue at the VP debates, I would be thinking Kerry would be more respecting, but no.

Bush really hit hard on Kerrys voting record, again. The difference with this debate was that he prooved Kerry was the most liberal person in this country.

"You know Bob, I don't know, I just don't know," Bush answered, adding that it's important to treat people with respect and dignity and consenting adults' choices should be honored.

But, he added, "We shouldn't change or have to change our basic views on the sanctity of marriage ... I think it's very important we protect marriage as a institution, between a man and a woman."

Here Bush sounded like he was talking to and Average Joe citizen, while Kerry sounded like the apitamy of another boring lecture of his.

Quick Thoughts:
Bush connected with people tonight. He shared who he is. Kerry looked robotic, and just spewed calculations.

Kerry gave Bush credit for 9-11 (BIG mistake).

Kerry obviously used double-talk throughout the night, and I don't think people understood what he was talking about.

Final Thoughts:
Home run for Bush. Kerry deviated from his own plans and couldn't articulate a real plan, despite his claim. He spent most of the night fear-mongering, engaging in class warfare, and exploiting minorities. President Bush hit all the right notes and really shone personally. He won this hands freaking down. If anyone was actually watching this tonight, I think President Bush has just secured re-election. I don't envy the Kerry campaign having to defend its candidate's performance tonight - expect people to react very negatively to Kerry's mention of Mary Cheney. It's indefensible.



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