Thursday Debates

Thurday, as you know, was the first presidential debates. I must say, unfortunately, Kerry sounded sharp. Too bad nothing he said made sense or was true, I heard at least three flip-flops, one of them was three minutes apart. Kerry went off of style instead of substance, and dodged questions. Lehrer's first question was, "Do you think you could do better handling 9/11 than the president?" Directed towards Kerry, and of course he said yes, but how is Bush supposed to respond to that?

Yes, Bush did repeat himself, but Kerry kept denying that he changes his opinion on Iraq. Kerry obviously does not know what he believes. Was Hussein a threat or not? Do our soldiers need armor or not? Will illegal immigrants receive more federal financial aid than contributing, law-abiding citizens of this country, or what? Kerry has no clue. I'll put my money on a man who does know what he's doing, who does understand the risks involved and who will formulate plans that involve no contradiction and allow no backtracking.

Polls, pshh. Kerry won the debate according to the polls, but thats because he sounded good. Bush still leads on the polls that say he would be a better Commander In Chief, 54% to 44%.


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