VP and 2nd Presidential Debates

VP: Cheney won, hands down. Edwards was sweating profusely, unable to stay on track with the questions being asked. Cheney criticized the Democrats on not being able to have a stable view on the war in Iraq.

Score: Bush/Cheney-1
Kerry/Edwards-1 (Kerry won first debate.)

2nd Pres.: It was a very close debate, tough questions, none of which seemed to be slanted in a way. Bush was sharp, so was Kerry, unfortunately. In my book Bush came away a winner. Hitting Kerry on his flip-flopping, his tax hikes on small businesses, and his "agenda" to win the peace, HE HAS NO AGENDA! Other than "Track down and KILL the terrorists." Isn't that what were doing? All of Kerry's shit about, "only lowering taxes on the rich, not middle class" mumbo-jumbo, I live in a middle class family and our taxes were cut. Again with his, "we need better equipment for our troops" he was the one who voted against it when Bush proposed the bill.
This debate showed the diversty between these two, help the undecided voters, and give me a better understanding of our great president.



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i agree.


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